Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mainely Magnificent

Hello my devoted (or not so devoted) followers! No I have not died! Clearly, as I am posting and ghosts can't type? Or can they? That is a topic for later times.

Firstly, forgive my ridiculous pun; I am overtired and therefore ridiculously cheesy. But I went to Maine this weekend and it was SO much fun! Aside from sitting between my dogs. And before some people find a dirty meaning to all that, let me clarify. Family friends of ours live up near Saco, Maine. We drove up for the weekend to visit. They have five dogs and an enormous yard. We have two dogs. It is my job to be smooshed in between the two of them for as much time as possible. But we had a blast up there!

I have an English Setter and an English Setter mix. The purebred, Gracie is fullblown bird dog and only 19 months old. She discovered the beach on Saturday, which was ADORABLE!! A little known (I believe) tip for Maine folk; Saco beach is open to dogs all the time. But I think they have to be leashed.

Anyway, Gracie has the superpower of unbearable cuteness. So even though my legs ached Sunday and Monday from all the running back and forth on the beach as she chased seagull after seagull, I can't be mad at her.

Does anyone out there have an adorable (or maybe not so) dog/cat/pet/animal? I would love a comment about it. Double points for anyone with a platypus. Actually, nevermind, I think it might be illegal to own a platypus...