Sunday, March 3, 2013

What Exactly Is a Child?

     So I found this crazy game ( that is a little odd (the world has ended and you are making your way to the END), but also has a series of questions you can answer, and it tells you what kind of person you are. Now, I don't mean they say that you're a hippie because your favorite color is rainbow. No, these are real questions, thinking questions. Questions like:

Is there such a thing as a cause worth dying for?
Should it be possible to laugh at death?
Would you still be yourself if your mind was put into another body?

Your yes or no answers would then help the game to put you in a profile with some famous people.

     So, being me, I decided to just scroll down to the questions and skip the game levels once i completed the mandatory first level. And I was just going along, clicking yes, no, yes, no, periodically checking the four-part image that shows your "location" relative to the four profiles. Then I hit one question, which I answered after some thought, but kept going.

The question? "Is it important to have children?"

     At first, I said no. After all, plenty of people have mad a difference in the world without having kids. However, I came to the conclusion that having children is important: not literally, but figuratively. A child doesn't have to be of your blood; after all, an adopted girl is still someone's daughter. So with that in mind, think of what you do with your child, for your child. You want to help them, to pass things down to them, be it a beloved teddy bear or a few words of wisdom. If those actions, can be considered the acts of parents, then yes, it is important to have children.

     Mother Teresa made an enormous difference in the world; she helped thousands, and taught even more the importance of kindness. She called them her children, and shared no blood with any of them. And what about the man you say is like a son to you? You treat him as such, therefore he is, blood relation or not.

     I suppose what I'm really saying is that family isn't just made of people blood or marriage wise. You have your "sisters" and your Aunt-Mary-who-isn't-actually-related-to-you. Why not your children who you don't treat like your own and hardly see outside of school/work/insert place here but instead just try to impart wisdom into in the hopes that they have decent lives?

     So. Final conclusion.... Children: anyone who you spend long (or short) amounts of time with in order to change their lives, and therefore change the world.