Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

     Hello to all my East Coast readers... I just wanted to wish everyone luck with Hurricane Sandy and all the hell she is bringing with her. Be safe, not stupid. This is WORSE than Irene; no one is stronger than a hurricane. Parents, I know (I hope) I'm stating the obvious here but, even if school is open PLEASE don't take your kids out if it doesn't look safe. Missing school because of one of our worst storms ever is FINE.

Good luck everyone!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Awesome Alaska

     First, my sincerest apologies for not posting in TWO MONTHS!!! But after that post I was in Alaska... which is AWESOME!!!! And it actually isn't that cold. I live in New Jersey, so I can say (for any New Jersey readers) that late August in Alaska is like September/October in New Jersey. If you go to Alaska, I recommend Anchorage, a boat into Resurrection Bay down in Seward, and a bus into Denali National Park.

     Anchorage is full of awesome stuff. Especially food. The Glacier Brewhouse has the BEST seafood ever. Likewise, the Moose's Tooth has the BEST pizza ever. No joke. The place seats about 300 people, if I remember correctly, so plan to spend at least 45 minutes waiting. In other words, go at around 4:30, 5ish so that you still eat at a reasonable hour. It is WORTH IT!!!

     The boat company we used was Kenai Fjords Tours. The trip we took also involved an all you can eat salmon dinner. While the captain said that we saw an unusually large selection of animals, the trip would still be fun. Although there is a heated indoor cabin, I would recommend dressing warmly because it is SO much more fun to be outside.I saw seals, a sea otter, sea lions, bald eagles, orcas (they are VERY rare to see), a humpback whale, puffins, seagulls (duh), and probably some other stuff. It was awesome! And yes I know how much I'm using the word awesome. Don't Judge.

     Finally, Denali is beautiful, and no matter what, you will see a ton of wildlife. And yes, there was its first bear mauling in August, but the guy was an idiot (no offense to his family). He disregarded the whole GIVE GRIZZLIES AT LEAST HALF A MILE IF YOU ARE ON FOOT and kept taking pictures as the bear was coming towards him!!!!! Anyhoo, Denali is gorgeous. But I would be selective about how many pictures of mountains you take. Yes, they are all beautiful and different. No, they do not still look that way after you have been sorting through 200 mountain shots.

     And thus ends my little rant about Alaska. So... RANDOM PICTURES!!!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... yes it is THAT funny.

Ok now, be truthful. How many people saw Tangled and then wanted a chameleon?

And that concludes my predicted fit of randomness! I hope you enjoyed it!